The CommonS project and the CommonS platform

General information

This is the Community platform hosting the CommonSpaces of the Erasmus+  CommonS project.

Currently, two web sites are dedicated to the CommonS project:

Moreover, Github hosts the

  • Git project development site at; all original software in course of development, together with references to prerequistes, can be found there; only some private configuration code is missing, and the content of information pages such as those accessible from the Info and Help menus of this site.

Presentation of the CommonS platform on Github

Here below is a copy of the presentation of the CommonS platform that we posted in the homepage of our Github repository:

Platform for the communities of the CommonS Erasmus+ Project

CommonS (= Common Spaces) is an Erasmus+ project funded by the EU, aimed at experimenting new forms of co-learning, e-tutoring and e-mentoring.

The Commons Platform will support Communities of Practice (CoPs) in their activities. CoPs will comprise teachers, students, young and senior professionals; they will work mainly to the retrieval, adaptation (including translation), reuse and remix of available educational contents, to be used as building blocks of learning paths.

We will start by creating a Django starter project that will customize and wrap the Mayan-EDMS application in order to be able to create a Sample OER Library (OER = open educational resource).

My organization and other partners of the CommonS Project have much experience in developing applications and tools with OS software, but this is our first attempt at using Git and GitHub.

Within a few months, we intend to publish documentation useful to get collaboration from others, but at this moment we are still finalizing the requirements and designing the preliminary software architecture.

The production version of the Platform runs on Linux-Ubuntu, but we are performing most of development on Windows: using commons as a Django starter project, we were able to deploy Mayan-EDMS also on Windows.